Our Cellar Door

When we first opened LARDO we wanted to be much more involved in the products that we served, and we began to make almost everything that we could, in-house.

Our original idea - to offer this product for retail, offer courses and tastings and do all the making was impossible within LARDO.  But now, a few years on, we have taken on a warehouse space just off London Fields where we now can do all the things we originally had planned and more - we call this LONZO. 

LONZO is LARDO's cellar door.




LARDO is our first restaurant, situated on Richmond Rd, near Hackney Central. 

It's ambition was a simple one - to be a great neighbourhood restaurant.


LARDO bebè

LARDO bebè is our second restaurant, situated on Sandringham Rd, near Hackney Downs. 

Hackney Downs local pizzeria.