The Launch of LONZO LITES

Getting back to it, come September we are hosting a collection of short and snappy chats with makers, producers and know-it-alls.

We all love to have a bit of a sticky beak into the behind the scenes activities and these days there are so many people doing some really interesting things that we have invited them to give us a bit of a look in to their genius.

These are FREE events, and each one is intended to give a bit of depth to a specific issue or question we have been pondering. 

Ever wondered the difference between the cured meats and the process in making them? Perhaps wanted to know how to ice a cake like the professionals? What's the big deal about Stoneground flours?

You will be able to find out this and much more when you attend..

Each LITE has an eventbrite page which gives you a bit more info on the talker and the subject. Feel free to register your interest, but also feel free just to pop down.

We look forward to seeing you there!